• John Simon chats with Greg and Dave about life experiences with friends, family and how traveling has motivated him to start his own business called Kefi Travel Club.
  • Learn about Adventure, Discovery and Community Building with John’s Travel Club
  • John explains the meaning of Kefi, which is a Greek word he discovered from his love of traveling in Greece.
  • The Club including access to private trips, custom trip planning and opportunities to share travel ideas and memories with others in this amazing community.
  • John is passionate about “experiential travel” and elevates the term to a new high with his Kefi Travel Club team.


  • John Simon is an experienced international business professional operating in multinational organizations and entrepreneurial start-up businesses.
  • John’s passion for travelling started young with many van-filled trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach in the ’70’s.
  • Things became more serious with several international projects living and working in Europe during the ’90’s.
  • He also spent 12 years planning and leading unique adventures for groups to places like Ireland, France, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Italy, etc – which formed the basis of Kefi Travel Club.


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