• Jenna discusses with Greg and Dave how she created the name Pickle Planet, and the importance of bringing a community together.
  • She explains the meaning behind Project Nice List and how she spreads kindness and positivity during the Christmas season.
  • Jenna also talks about the kindness challenges that she has created through her social media platforms that challenges people to do a simple task each day for 30 days that creates a positive impact for people to enjoy during the holidays.
  • Listen to this episode and hear Jenna Morton chat with Greg and Dave how she plans to continuously spread kindness with Pickle Planet and Project Nice List.


  • Jenna Morton launched her platform Pickle Planet in 2016 in the Greater Moncton Area, with a mission to connect parents.
  • She set out with a goal in mind to start up Project Nice List by cutting through the noise of Christmas and reconnect by simply spreading kindness through the season.
  • Jenna continuously strives to send positive vibes with her projects and strongly encourages collaborations through the holiday season.



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