Denmark: Regulator Blacklisted 55 Gambling Sites

In January 2012, Denmark opened up to the online gaming market. In the process, sports betting, slot machines, roulette, blackjack, etc. were allowed to be played online. In order to regulate the gambling market, the Danish authorities have set up the “Spillemyndigheden”, an institution whose aim, among other things, is to issue gambling licenses. In 2020, the Danish regulator blocked 16 illegal websites from online games. This year, 55 gambling sites have been placed on a blacklist. Proof that securing the gambling environment is not a game in Denmark.

Establish a strict regulatory framework

Fighting gambling addiction is one of the missions of “Spillemyndigheden”. In addition to “StopSpillet”, its center for educating players on gambling addiction, the Danish authority maintains, through “ROFUS”, a register of excluded players. Its on-the-ground collaboration with experts aims to provide players, government and online gaming providers with useful programs.

Moreover, if the Danes have access to a wide range of online games, it is because the Danish Gaming Authority is playing its part. It ensures strict compliance with the law on online games by ensuring that the necessary licenses are issued to national and international operators. However, there are still a few providers who offer unlicensed online casino services. Without prohibiting players from having access to them, “Spillemyndigheden” makes sure to put them in a blacklist.

Secure the gaming environment

The director of this online gaming regulatory body in Denmark believes that it is the imperative duty of this institution to protect players and this involves the fight against illegal providers. “One of our important tasks,” he says, “is to protect players from illegal gambling, at the same time we need to make sure that providers who are licensed to offer games in Denmark can handle their business in orderly conditions ”.

As if to turn words into action, Anders Dorph, director of the Danish Gambling Authority, has received court authorization to block 55 illegal online gambling sites. Not having been able to comply with the requirements of the Danish regulator, the latter did not hesitate to sue them.

Welcoming the result of this legal action and especially the number of illegal sites concerned, Anders Dorph specifies, however, that their fight against illegal sites does not intend to stop there. With this “record number”, the director recognizes that “there is a need for focused effort, and we will therefore maintain this increased focus in the future”. Illegal gaming sites remain a threat to players and the Danish Gambling Autorithy intends to make this environment safe.