• Ian discusses with Greg and Dave about being involved with politics for a long time, and being surrounded by politicians who inspired him to pursue his passion.
  • Ian describes the corporate structure behind founding MediaStyle, which is a certified B Corp.
  • Ian dives deeper into the conversation of MediaStyle with Greg and Dave, and explains more about truth and reconciliation within the industry.
  • Listen in on this episode to hear Ian talk about MediaStyle, working with Tragically Hip’s Gord Dowie, learning how to stay humble through amazing experiences and his contribution to creating change through communications.


  • Ian is passionate about creating social change through communications.
  • Ian founded the communications firm, MediaStyle in 2008.
  • MediaStyle is a certified B Corp with a mission to get the means of communications production into the hands of people who needs their voices heard.
  • Ian started his career on Parliament Hill as an assistant and press secretary to cabinet ministers and opposition members in the House of Commons.
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